Authoring and Reviewing



The diagram and text below explains our process of authoring and reviewing.


We plan to have 1-2 people per job at any one time, though want to have the processes sufficiently simple, and compartmentalized, that it is easy for people to step in and out of the roles.










1) recruitment and engagement

In many different ways - through conversation, emails, and presentations - we want to share the message of SiH and get people excited to contribute. The goal is to answer their questions and get people to visit these links to sign up:

We have form emails to send out to people, available here.



2) Word doc repository

Topics that need to be authored or reviewed will be waiting in a repository (perhaps dropbox, or basecamp?) for people to use them! David will create and upload these Word docs.



3) Authoring and follow-up



4) Reviewing and follow-up




5) Final review

David will have a look at the topic and make any relevant changes before uploading it!