Artists for Sharing In Health

Considering joining SharingInHealth's list of contributors as an artist? This page has a listing of topics we'd love to have your help with. Check them out and choose one that appeals to you! It best to pick something you'd like to learn more about, so you can learn something in the process.


The list of topics currently needing illustration are listed here - on our Google doc.



First name, last name:

Email address:


topic you're interested in illustrating:

what is your background?


how did you hear about us?




How do I actually go about doing this?

Fill in the form above, and we'll get the process started.


Pick the medium you'd like to use, including ink, paint, software, or photography.. There are any number of options.

Some examples include:

Pieces can be instructive - delivering key information about important concepts - or evocative, bringing an emotional experience to the topic. The best pieces have elements of both.


What does this mean for me?

All our work is licensed under the Creative Commons, and it will be important for you to read though this and ensure you agree with the terms. We aim to have images no bigger than 400x600 pixels, which limits applicability beyond the computer screen (ie, it people wouldn't be able to print larger sizes of pieces for commercial use).


We are currently offering an honorarium of $20 for each piece we accept for use.


We will be delighted to build you a contributors page, celebrating your contributions and including contact information, if you'd like, for people to be in touch if they'd like to talk about other pieces of your work. Example: Robert King