Ken Flegel, MD


Dr. Ken Flegel graduated in Medicine at McGill University and in Epidemiology at London University (UK). He has worked as a consultant internist and Clinical Tutor at Royal Victoria Hospital since 1979. He is currently a tenured Professor of Medicine at McGill University. He has had leadership roles in the McGill Department of Medicine including Chief Medical Resident, Director of Outpatient Clinics, Director of the Division of General Internal Medicine, and Chief of a General Internal Medicine Service. His research interests have included adverse drug reactions, atrial fibrillation and stroke, and theory of diagnosis.


He also ran a Cottage Hospital in Nigeria for two years, 1974-76.


He started work at CMAJ as an Associate Editor in 1997. Now Senior Associate Editor, he has a major role in evaluating scientific manuscripts, as well as contributing to Lead Editorials and, occasionally, to other Journal Departments.


His contributions to SharingInHealth include: