Davy Tawadrous


Davy Tawadrous is currently a medical student at the University of Western Ontario, and is passionate about positively impacting health care quality through innovation. He graduated with top honors from the University of Western Ontario in 2010, earning a Bachelor of Health Sciences. Davy consistently seeks out opportunities for collaborative innovation, bringing people and ideas together to creatively generate simple solutions to complex problems. His primary research interest involves working with a group of information specialists, programmers and biostatisticians to evaluate the utility of clinical decision support systems, and particularly their use in enhancing drug prescribing for patients with renal dysfunction.


He also envisions a health care system that is affordable and sustainable, and works to help build it by serving on the executive committee of Operation Green, a program that aims to reduce the environmental impact of hospitals by recycling surgical items.


Davy's contributions to SharingInHealth include: